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Kuzco and Malina 3  by TheWarners
Kuzco and Malina 3
So I have this Casio keyboard that plays up to 99 songs. So I played My wild Irish Rose and I had this fantasy of Kuzco giving Malina roses and she finally except his offer to their Date-Date. So yeah it's weird but that's what kind of inspired this picture. So I hope you all like it! Also add me on snapchat :   DotCuttieWarner
Instagram: Diamonds.3x
New art every week!
Pharaoh by TheWarners
Let me firstsay, sorry I have been gone for almost 2 years...10th grade has made me busy. Anyway, my boyfriend that is Caribbean warches a lot of anime and draws it to. This is my first time. What do you think?
Hello you all! There is a new contest that you all should know about. It is like she is giving away 1100 points away. This is such a good contest to enter and you want to know why I say this? Well because I am entering it of course! If I am entering it and you should too. If you love me so much that do the following:
If you want the 500 Points....
You have to write a journal entry that is advertising this contest and you have to a watcher of  MadeleineStern.

That's all you basically have to do if you want the 500 points. The winner will be announced on May 19th 2013.

For the 100 points she'll be choosing one random person who favorites, comments on, or makes a journal about her  artwork, over the next 2 weeks. She'll also be choosing that winner on May, 19th 2013. Each comment, favorite,journal counts as one entry, and you can have as many entries as you like! Please refrain from spamming  comments though... quality over quantity people! :) If you wish to post a journal, just comment below that you entered the 100 point journal contest, and ill check it out. For the last 500 points, all you need to do is favourite this image: [link]
Good Luck My People


TheWarners's Profile Picture
Terri Jackson
United States
Current Residence: Burbank, California
Kik name: cherry_hearts7
Favorite Type of Music: Rap, Rock, and Hip Hop
Favorite Cartoon Character: Yakko Warner, Emperor Kuzco, Kronk, Malina, King Julien XIII, Skipper and Squit.
Favorite Band: Rock Sugar, Big Time Rush and 1 Direction
I love to draw and write stories. One day I dream to be working at Warner Bros. Studio or DreamWorks Animation SKG. I am even working on my new drawings. I am now into drawing Graffiti ( you know the beginners graffiti) I really want to draw it and get better at it. I have been drawing since 3rd grade and gotten better over the years. I know some of you have been seeing my drawings but you have seen them on other profiles. Don't worry, those other profiles were mine. Ex: Yakko Graffiti By: CMacallDaySwagg that was my profile. I just lost the password to those pages and then I made another one.
And another thing I want to start and draw pictures for people and in other words I take Request. So you can tell me what you want me to draw.
1. I am a huge cartoon fan and I am 16 years old. People keep saying I am still a kid but oh well I don't Care! #Idon'tcare!
2. I am a alright person in school. I'm in the 11th grade now
3. I have a YouTube channel. So you can look at some of my videos that I made.
4. I am a very fun person to be around. I also want to become over time a voice actress( You know the voice of cartoon characters) for some reason as a Kid I have always wanted to be that. so I am hoping that my dream of that comes true.
6. I am a screenplay writer. I am as of now writing my first movie script and hopefully it is good enough to make an actual movie.
7. Lastly, I love the game Sewer Run and Sewer Run 2 Night Ops. I don't care if it is an old game I love that game and I play it at school during my computer class. ( Only sometimes because they my have blocked the websites)
So enjoy my page!
-Terri Jackson =)
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animaniacs hot bothered and bedeviled pictures


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